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Our nutrition coaching service features a personalised approach that offers a variety of ways to improve your health and eating habits.

The first and most important step is your nutrition consultation.  This is paramount for you to achieve your goals.  The consultation will allow us to talk about your individual goals and assess the best way for you to move forward with your nutrition.  We believe this is essential and with proper nutrition coaching your results will arrive much faster.  We have devised our own 8-week NUTRITION JOURNAL to help you stay focused and maintain good habits.  

Based on your lifestyle and goals, a personalised nutrition plan will be created that will get you moving in the right direction, helping to improve your habits and accomplish your goals. 

Whether it’s losing weight, increasing your energy levels, enhancing your performance or taking control of a medical condition, we can educate and motivate you to succeed.

"Excellent nutrition advice especially portion control and when to eat certain food types.  I feel my health has benefited from eating so well!  I would definately recommend nutrition coaching to anyone wanting to improve their health!' 

Natalie Topping 


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