Tracy Cunningham

​Since I started training at Skye Fitness some months ago, i've heard this statement many times “I don’t know why you do it!  A lot of you will be aware that I had a health issue last year, which required some major surgery and i am lucky to be here. 10 months later I am still recovering and trying to improve my general health and fitness. Skye Fitness has been an integral part of this journey and without all the support from the team I would be in a very different place now. Walking through the door for the first time wasn't easy but everyone was so welcoming and from that first day I knew I wouldn't look back. At Skye Fitness no-one judges you and i have made many new friends. They recognise that we are all individual in our needs and capabilities. Everyone has to start somewhere so you don't just get 'a program' you get 'your program' specifically tailored to where you are and where you want to be, a generic program simply wouldn't do it! This is a major benefit offered, both physically and emotionally. Listen to your trainer, they know how far they can push you even if you don't. In all my PT sessions with Chris I have said "really! you want me to do that?" each time he has motivated me, given me the belief in myself and of course I have been able to do it and left the gym ready to take on the world. Remember, your mind will give up long before your body will!

In recent weeks I have suffered a setback and my training has been changed to accommodate this. My training now involves more cardio work instead of strength and resistance training. This means more time on the bike, which you all know suits me just grand! So, more time on the bike gives me more time to ponder the conundrum 'Why do I do it?'  I sit on the bike, play Meat Loaf loudly on my iPod, turn the pedals at a consistent pace and register happy numbers on my heart rate monitor. I look out the window staring at the roof of the Bingo Hall opposite which I now know inch by inch, this intimate knowledge of an inanimate object is quite disturbing. Why do I spend a considerable amount of  time looking at this roof? I could be… watching TV … surfing the net…  reading… pretending to read but actually watching TV and surfing the net… making a meal… giving up on making a meal and having a takeaway… spending time with friends… researching things which could enhance my life more than staring at a stupid roof!

An accurate way to describe me before I started training would be frustrated, easily annoyed, angry, always tired and fundamentally, grumpy. Sounds horrible, I just didn't cope very well with things. When I train I feel as if all the gunk in my body is ejected and all the gunk in my mind is thrown up in the air and banished. Things become much clearer and I have much more perspective and clarity. The feeling you get when you leave the gym knowing you've worked hard and pushed yourself to the limit is like nothing else. That is why i do it, that is why I spend all that time staring at my friend, the roof, with my legs burning and sweat dripping from my chin instead of living it up the way folk say you should. Without training I would be insufferably grumpy and groggy. I could be a raving psychopath, always annoyed and have acquired little or no knowledge about a Bingo hall roof. I would most certainly also have a few extra stress lines etched on my forehead.

Why do I do it? Well, why not? And why don't you do it?  Give the Skye guys and girls a try and transform yourself physically and mentally. You won't look back!

Tracy Cunningham

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