Stephaine Magowan


What can I say, it’s not for me, I could never keep a food diary, I would lose interest and really can you loose that much weight in just 6 weeks… But after seeing the results some people achieved in the previous Bootcamp and speaking to the trainers, I decided that I would put my name down and thought it would be a good way to start the New Year!  So ‘D’ day came, it was time to get weighed and measured!  I set myself a target (which I thought was unattainable) and after the first group session I thought… what have I let myself in for – it was tough but enjoyable in a funny kind of way.  Then there was the eating properly side of it, I followed the food plan they gave me even tried a few new things which are now part of my normal diet.  So as the weeks went on the weight came off and by the end of the 6 weeks I could not believe how much weight had lost and the inches I had shed, I even lost slightly over my target plus was feeling so much fitter!

So if your reading this thinking should I or shouldn’t I do Bootcamp, my advise is YES DO IT!  It was a great experience and changed my way of thinking about food.  I feel so much better about myself and now with the support of the highly motivating trainers, I hope I can keep my weight off until I do another Bootcamp.

Stephaine Magowan

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