Nathan McAree

Duration with Skye: 13 Months

​Enough was enough... the time came when I decided I had to turn my life around, make changes to my weight, my shape and get fit!  After joining Skye Fitness and realising how unfit I was and having to cope with the long road ahead of me, I knew I had to mentally prepare myself for the tasks and challenges that I would have to attack if I wanted to lose my excess fat. Skye has played a huge part in helping me along the way.

At Skye I have a personal programme which is tailored to my fitness levels, yet adds progression to enable me to attain my fitness goals.  With my programme being changed on a monthly basis it gives me the motivation to continue with my fitness, stay positive and seek results, which I have done and continue to do.  Along with my gym sessions, after much persuasion from not only a member but a colleague I have also started to attend a MET 25 class once a week.  This workout involves interval training with a mixture of cardio, core and strength.  Attending this fires me up and gives me hidden energy to take me to my next fitness levels.  This is one class I would highly recommend as I have reaped numerous benefits including weight loss, shape definition, improved posture and good mental wellbeing.  During each training session whether it be on the gym floor or a class there is always plenty of help and support from the friendly coaches and members which makes training much more enjoyable in this friendly environment.

Skye Fitness has met and continues to exceed my expectations as a member and gives me the feel good factor and confidence to train and change my life for the better!

Nathan McAree

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