Laura’s Story

Duration with Skye: 2 Years

"Hi my name is Laura

I’ve been attending Skye Fitness since approx. April 2016 and I had always done classes such as Spin, Total Body and Grit. However having signed up with fellow members of the gym to take part in the first ever Spartan Ireland race, I decided I needed to concentrate more on my strength.

So at the beginning of this year Coach Aaron set me a new training program built mainly on strength exercises and has been changing it for me approx. every 6 weeks.

I wanted to concentrate more on my strength as I had been running so the cardio side was covered.

I started running in April 2017 after signing up with guys from work to complete the Lisburn 10k back in June 2017. Then I sort of got the feel for it and since then I have completed 9 10k races and 8 half marathons and 1 ten miler! I’ve a few more scheduled for the rest of the year too!

The strength training has given me major gains in both my respiratory efficiency and my core stability which contributes greatly to my running. I have also improved my performance and it has helped me to prevent injuries. The results are definitely showing. Since I have started my strength training I have achieved my PB’s in both the half marathons and 10k races and also won first lady in the Lurgan Lap the Lough and Lakes 10miler – great achievement for me! I am also a keen mountain walker having previously taken part in the 5 peak challenge and since my conditioning and core work my summit times have dropped drastically.

My higher fitness levels have given me more energy to be more active with my two young daughters at home and also lead me to get us involved in the Lurgan Park 2km run every Sunday morning. 

Skye Fitness has been so supportive of my activities and cannot do enough to help me grow and improve all the time with one of my main achievements being able to do chin ups! I actually got up to 10 in a row – at one stage! Need to get back at them!

If you are thinking about joining a gym that is friendly, helpful and keen on helping you grow in all aspects of your life then Skye Fitness is for you!"

See you there Laura

Laura’s Story

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