Greg Abraham

Duration with Skye: 6 months

           ​My journey with Skye Fitness.

"As a stereotypical male in his 40s I was sleep walking in to a minefield of health issues, I was of the opinion “it will never happen to me - I’ll be ok” but the truth is I was in denial.  This summer 2016 I felt tired all the time fatigued with low self-esteem, on one particular morning I woke with a sharp pain in my footI went to my doctor and he told me it was gout I was shocked.  He decided to run several blood tests & the results were not what I was expecting. High cholesterol, High blood pressure, he told me straight… I needed to take back control or I was heading for diabetes.

 I joined Skye Fitness in August 2016 & from the 1st moment I walked through the door I knew this was much more than a gym.  I was met by a member of staff who was interested in me, asked about my life & day to day routines, and then asked about my goals and what I wanted to achieve. “Impossible I thought” but he give me the confidence self & belief I needed.  

At Skye I opted for the personal training program which has completely changed my life, this program was tailored to suit me and my abilities with goals set along the way. What I love about this program is once you’ve hit your goal you progress on to your next goal/target and it feels amazing to have dropped a few pounds + an inch or two along the way.

When I joined I weighed in at 15st 2, 44in waist, 41in hips - every single member of the Skye Fitness team give me the belief and the encouragement I need to achieve my goals. Guess what happened we didn’t just achieve those goals… we SMASHED those goals. I now weigh in at 12st, lost 11inches off my waist line, 8inches off my hips and most importantly lost 11% body fat.  All this in a few months that’s what the Skye Fitness team helped me achieve. Make no mistake hand on heart the people at Skye not only changed my life they saved my life.  

Something else happened at Skye something quite unexpected not only did I get my fitness back I got my life back. Gary is the most inspirational person I have ever met, this guy’s appetite to help people succeed goes above and beyond. It was at a presentation by Gary… the 4 Steps to Smashing Your Goals In 2017 that really changed my mindset to one of everyday mindfulness. Gary & the whole team at Skye have transformed the way I think about health, fitness, food and helped me achieve a more positive mind. When it comes to being at our best, keeping a positive state of mind is crucial - Simply put, life goes more smoothly when we have a positive state of mind.


Truth is this place is so much more than a gym the members at Skye Fitness are the most fantastically inspiring people I have ever met all offering help, support and advice. There is always a really friendly atmosphere and good crack. For me on a personal note & I say this not only to the very professional staff at Skye Fitness but to all the amazingly wonderful members… You guys have changed my life in such a meaningful way - I don’t even have the proper words to thank you"  

Here are a couple great of quotes which helped me:

“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

“One of the most important keys to Success is having the discipline to do what you know you should do, even when you don’t feel like doing it.

Greg Abraham

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