Emma McDonald

​A couple of years ago, I never understood the whole gym obsession. It was never something I could ever picture myself being involved with… However, hearing from other people about results they achieved with bootcamps and training programmes, I thought – maybe I should try something!

With this in mind, I decided to join Skye and start semi private personal training (SPPT) with Gary. Losing loads of weight was never a massive goal, but at my former size 10-12 self, I was constantly trying to get into shape for bikini season or quick fixes for big events where I wanted to look my best. So, I guess my main goal was to lose a bit of body fat and to gain some definition & be toned! Before Skye, I was guilty of the BIG mistake most women make, endless cardio – running and cycling miles, and eating a lot less! Of course, never getting any real results that would last!

I can honestly say staring SPPT has been the best decision I have made. Since starting the gym and doing weekly SPPT sessions, along with my personalised programme for the gym floor, I am now a self confessed Gymaholic… something I never thought I would say! I absolutely love the SPPT sessions, and my individual training programme which I do myself throughout the week. The extensive nutritional advice provided to me along the way has been excellent, educating me on how and when to eat which is such an important part of the process if you want to see results! To be honest, I am eating more food than I was before, but the difference is it’s the right food! Constant motivation, and strength training with weights has changed my body shape a lot. Each week I am seeing results and changes, and I’m now down to a size 6-8 – also something I never thought I would see. Gary and the other coaches always push you to do your best, and more, making sure you are training to your full potential. If you are thinking you want to make a change, don’t hold off any longer or fall into any of the quick fix fads, it takes hard work and dedication, but Gary and the dedicated team at Skye all help on the journey and it really is worth it all! 

Emma McDonald

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