Ashley Addis

Duration with Skye: 8 Week Training Programme

​When I initially decided to commit to the eight-week training programme at Skye Fitness with Gary, I anticipated long, very boring cardio sessions and an extremely strict, tasteless diet.  So I was pleasantly surprised when I was told I could eat potatoes and my training would consist of 40-minute weight training sessions.  I had always presumed that weight training was for stereotypical body builders… so I was quite interested and excited to see how things would turn out.

Within the first 2 weeks I was rather dubious about how my body would change because I was actually enjoying the workouts. I was alternating between three routines, and the cardiovascular activities were short bursts. My previous gym experiences had always included running on a treadmill for long periods of time and I found that extremely boring!

However, about 4-5 weeks into the programme I started to notice a nice difference.  In particular, my arms and thighs were much more defined and some of my clothes were a tad big.  The changes weren’t overly dramatic but I felt very happy with the results already.

As my technique in the gym improved and I became more confident with the routines, my friends and family also noticed a difference in my body.  

Now that I have completed the programme and decreased my body fat by 3%, I would like to continue my training and incorporate it into my lifestyle.  I am really, really happy with the results and would like to keep up my current physique. 

Ashley Addis

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