No Quick Fix!

​I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I don’t think its a very well kept secret that we are living in a society of over weight people!  I guarantee that as you read this article there are at least two close friends or family members you can think of that carry too much body fat.  Whether its a couple of pounds that have sneaked on in recent years, post baby weight, injury weight or a life long battle with yo-yo scale results, more and more clients are turning to me with that burning question....”How do I lose fat and fast?”  I hate to burst your bubble and I realise this won’t win me any popularity contests but unfortunately there is NO QUICK FIX!  The Fat Loss debate is everywhere we look today and recent findings tell us that men with a 37" plus waist and women exceeding a 32" waist are more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes, certain cancers and also cardiovascular disease.  These are worrying statistics and so I’m sharing some of my top tips to allow you to make positive changes to your lifestyle...Lets mix things up!!!

People always want an easy answer when it comes to fat loss.  I’ve noted my top ten tips to achieve fat loss  below.  Apply these changes in your daily routine and you will soon start to see physical changes...FACT!  Where are the excuses now??

1.    Remove all processed foods from your diet - stop reaching for that easy ready meal or starchy bread plate...they are not your friends. Processed carbohydrates will raise your blood sugar faster than others.  You want to avoid these as they will shoot your blood sugar straight into fat storing mode so try to largely reduce your bread, pasta, pastries, cereal and sugar intake.

2.    A healthy glass of concentrated OJ each morning, no way!! Not in my book.  FRESHLY SQUEEZED orange juice including the fibre from the pulp would be my preference. The glycemic index rating for oranges is moderate while orange juice is sky high due to added sugars put in juices. Read the labels and go for fresh and organic products as much as possible.

3.   Have a protein source at EVERY meal.  Protein contains amino acids which is what we need to build a buff bod! Protein blunts the increase in blood sugar keeping you in a stable fat burning mode throughout the day....a fat burning machine you might say! Aim for 4-6 ounces of protein (size of the palm of your hand) for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

4.   Drink lots of water.  This is perhaps the easiest thing we can do to improve our well being.

5.    Train using multi-joint exercises, in other words choose exercises that use more than one muscle group at one time.  We want to create load through our big muscle groups to get maximum fat loss!  Forget arms, then legs then stomach....lets get our whole body moving for optimum results. 

6.    Do high intensity intervals for conditioning.  Don't be tempted to do long aerobic type workouts. Try 30 seconds as fast as you can and 60 sec slow x 5 on the Bike!!

7.    Be as active as possible in daily life.  Simply move more!  Walk the school run in the morning instead of taking the car.  Get Moving!!!

8.    Perform circuit training with little rest between sets to maximise fat loss.  Again choose exercises using the larger muscle groups.

9.    Eat good fats as part of your daily diet.  Favour the omega-3 fats that come from fish and meat.  We need fat!!!  So no more fat free peanut butter -you will find that most fat free products replace the fat with sugar so be sure to READ THE LABELS!  Good fats can be found in things like natural peanut butter, avocado, olive oil, nuts and butter.

10. Know that you have control over what you eat and be prepared. Don't torture yourself by testing your will power every 10 minutes!! Have healthy foods close to hands for snacking! No excuses!

For further information on any of the issues raised in this article or if you would like some help to get started with your Fat Loss transformation feel free to call me at Skye Fitness on  02838 351318 or email  To see other relevant fitness articles visit our website

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