Here Comes The Girls!

When the average woman joins a gym the first thing she looks for is how many treadmills there are and how the aerobics classes on the timetable fit in with her busy schedule.  When women want to lose weight or shift fat they torture themselves with repetitive movement for hours on end spinning their wheels or running to nowhere like a hamster on a wheel!  If you look at all of the women on these same treadmills you will notice very few of them have the body most women actually want.  I’ll let you in on a secret…half the problem is that most personal trainers haven’t worked it out yet either!!  So I’m excusing a lot of you from the blame…for now!  They get a female client who wants to change their body shape and immediately slip into automatic pilot choosing another tedious toning program based on baby weights and high reps. A high percentage of trainers don’t realise that times have changed and they need to challenge women to transform their bodies and stop being afraid of pushing them to gain muscle to boost their metabolism to change the way her body looks, permanently.  And no, this DOES NOT mean you will look like a body builder!

Weight Loss Program of the average woman:

·      Endless hours of cardio or cardio based classes

·      Light dumbbell, high rep work to tone, with little to no strength training because

      “she does not want to get big and bulky”

·      Starvation…feeding the mindset if I don’t eat I can’t get fat right?!

·      Focus on scale weight and a number she wants it to say

What works about this plan? NOTHING!

What is wrong with this plan? EVERYTHING!

Inappropriate weight loss programs like this mean she will lose weight but it will be a mixture of muscle, water and maybe a little fat so she’ll end up looking like a smaller version of her same self but in the process her metabolism will have slowed right down meaning there is no way she can keep this weight off long term.  This is a common cycle for most women throughout some stage in their lives, yet amazingly when they want to lose weight they do the same things all over again.  What’s the definition of insanity…. “to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result”!  Need I say more?!

Weight Loss Program the average woman should do:

·      Metabolically demanding full body strength training lifting challenging weights.  

       This should be a priority 2-4 days per week

·      Boost cardio intensity and drop cardio duration in their workouts performing 

       interval style workouts for no more than 30 minutes

·      Fuel the body with healthy nutritious food every 2-3 hours to keep their 

       metabolism revved up!

·      Focus on clothes that fit and not the number on the scale

What is wrong with this program? NOTHING!

What works about this program? EVERYTHING!

This plan will boost the metabolism and start to change a woman’s body, it will make her feel confident about herself, allow her to eat and most importantly enable her to maintain her improved new body!  This new way of thinking towards nutrition and strength training can provide women with the tools to change their bodies into the strong, healthy and energetic fat burning machine they desire and deserve to be.

If you are interested in improving your health and wellbeing or would like to discuss any of the issues raised in this article you can find out further information on my website or contact me directly by emailing gary@skyefitness.couk

Here Comes The Girls!

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