New Year Resolutions 2013



It’s that time of year when we swear off sugar, vow to be a regular member at the gym and announce to friends and family our grand plans to get in great shape in 2013!  Right??

In reality very few of us ever set a ‘get in shape’ or ‘get healthy’ plan that we stick to.  We declare at the start of the new year “this is the year!” And we mean it.  We believe it.  We have every intention of achieving our  goal.  We don’t set out to fail, but we do.  So I am saying we should we just forget about it and be happy to live with the body as it is?  NO WAY!

Wanting to be healthy, and let’s be honest: wanting to look better is not the problem.  The problem is often the SIZE of your grand plan. 

The goal is huge: transform your sluggish self into the fit, lean, vibrant and energetic person you’ve always wanted to be.  You assume this big goal needs a big plan: you’ll have to immediately give up sugar, alcohol and carbs, work out 6 days a week, sign up to run a marathon, go cold turkey on your Friday night drinks with friends, and say no to all your cravings and bad habits.  Do a complete overhaul of your life and make sweeping changes and feel utterly overwhelmed before you even start!! Sound familiar?  You probably have sweaty palms just thinking about it.  So let’s take a step back and think about this rationally for a second.

Don’t get me wrong sometimes a big shift is what you need but most of the time the most sensible plan is to adopt a slower, more steady approach.  Take a look at your local gym in the first few weeks of January, it’s packed with new faces.  Now look again in March - you’ll see the same crowd that was there in December, free from the initial January enthusiasts (with the exception of a few converts).  

So this should tell you that grand, overwhelming New Year’s resolution to lose weight doesn’t work so well.  So are you are doomed to feel badly about your body and never make the kinds of changes that will give you the look and health you want? Certainly not!  It means with the right guidance and focus you need to change your plan about how to achieve these very realistic goals.  In short, take a little SIZE out of the plan.  

FIRST STEP: Start by keeping your resolution SIMPLE, & SUSTAINABLE and you will get longer lasting results. Teach yourself to simply do better today than you did yesterday.  

For example, after a holiday period of too much sugar, alcohol and generally making poor nutritional choices, choose a big salad with protein for dinner tonight and take a walk.  Its already better than yesterday.  Then tomorrow do a little bit more.  Go grocery shopping for the week and cook more meals in than dining out.  The following day go to the gym.  Then do a little more.  Look into a new class to attend, go more organic, or drink more water.  Speak to a Personal Trainer about starting a weekly appointment.  Proceed in baby steps!

Just keep doing better every day, bit by bit and come this time next year you’ll be loving your fit, healthy body; be a regular at your gym and have mastered new healthy habits.  And remember you don’t have to be perfect everyday.   You just need to be BETTER today than you were yesterday.

If you are interested in making a positive change in your life through improving your health and wellbeing or would like to discuss any of the issues raised in this article you can find out further information on my website or contact me directly by emailing


New Year Resolutions 2013

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