Article By Gary Robertson, Director of Personal Training | posted 12.05.13

The Skye Cup Challenge!

​Saturday past saw our inaugural Skye Cup event take place!  Great morning of fun for all involved! Two teams made up of our members and clients went head to head in a relay event including chin up's, push up's, prisoner squat jumps and sprints! The atmosphere was electric and competition was fierce as both teams battled for the Skye Cup (oh yes we actually had a trophy)!!  It finished up with Man City as the winning team, led by Skye Team member James Knox lifting the Skye Cup! The success of the event has ensured that the Skye Cup will be an annual event to take place on FA Cup final day! 

At Skye we aim to provide a fun, positive environment for our members and once again Saturday proved a great success. Huge thanks to all who took part and cheered us on! Check out the video…

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