Article By Gary Robertson, Director of Personal Training | posted 09.05.13

The Importance Of Post Workout Nutrition!

What you eat is important.  However, when you eat it can be just as critical.  Let's set the scene…  You have just finished off a great strength workout with a smashing metabolic finisher!!  Next stop is foam roll, then you need to decide on what you are going to eat next!!  Oh yes!!!! Now we are talking.  You need post workout nutrition to replenish glycogen (energy), decrease protein breakdown and to increase protein synthesis.  When we workout intensely, we damage tissues at micro level and we use fuel.  This ultimately is what makes us stronger, leaner, fitter and more muscular but in the short term it needs repair.  Repair occurs through the breakdown of old protein (protein breakdown) and the construction of new ones (protein synthesis).  

However, protein is not the only concern.  During exercise sessions, stored carbohydrates can be depleted. Therefore during the post workout period, we require protein and carbohydrates.  My post workout choice is what we use with many of our clients, Reflex Instant Whey.  Research shows that we have a 2 hour window to take in post workout nutrition but my advice is to take it immediately after your session ends and that’s why I choose a post workout shake….We need protein for the fit BOD we all desire!!​

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