Article By Chris Foster | posted 15.06.13

Structure = Goal Achievement

​The good news is we all can achieve our goals… We all know that each member here at Skye Fitness will have either worked with myself or one of the other coaches and together with their coach will have set themselves a goal or target.

The most common goal I hear people looking for is to lose body fat and lean out.  How do we do this… by building lean muscle!  Remember by building lean muscle we burn body fat and the added bonus of doing this through strength training are the health benefits especially if you suffer from conditions such as Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Chronic Heart Disease or Diabetes. I hear you asking what is the best way to build lean muscle…  answer Strength Training and Structure.  It is simple, but it brings results…and that is what we all want!

So to help you achieve your goal, as the coach we take the time to set out the all-important structure of your training, with YOU!  Ideally we recommend 2-4 strength training sessions and 1-2 short high intensity Interval training sessions per week. Setting out a structure and following it is vitally important for steering you in the direction of SUCCESS!

If you are going to workout, you might,  as well do things right and get the most out of it, make sure you have a structure!  It’s simple to have a structure and it produces results. My question to you is… Do you have a structure and are you doing everything possible to achieve your goal?

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