Article By Gary Robertson - Owner | posted 11.06.14

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Sitting in Starbucks on Newbury Street, Boston and preparing my notes to go meet Frank Nash at his training facility.  Frank is one of the top trainers in the US and someone I have been working with for 12 months.  Super pumped and ready to soak up the fitness business knowledge this guy dishes out to me.  

Yes it's that time of year when I head to the Perform Better Summit in the US.  This is my 4th year and over the last 3 years I have tied in meetings with some of the best in the industry including Thomas Plummer, Joe Dowdell and of course Frank.  The Perform Better Summit is the pinnacle of the fitness business over here and brings together the best minds in the fitness business.  What I get from these trips is motivation, direction and education that unfortunately is not available in Europe.  It also gives me time away from the gym to set myself new goals and targets.. something I have been doing for 7 years now!  I find this helps me focus in on what is important..

Tomorrow I take the trip to Providence, Rhode Island to attend the Summit at which I will be among 1100 other fitness professionals learning the very best in training.  Everything I hear, I review and filter..  If I feel it will improve our systems, training and results then bottom line is.. I want it!

There is a lot of travelling involved on these trips and I am condensing it all into 6 days but I never doubt it's value to me and our gym!  The only downside is being away from Jules and Max and the rest of my family but FaceTime is an amazing bridge until I see them Monday!!!

Ciao for now.. speak soon.

Gary R

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