Article By Gary Robertson | posted 05.03.13

Perfect Day?

​What would your perfect day be?  Would it include a workout?  Would it include shopping?  Would it include family?

I want to know yours>>>


I challenge you to be the best version of you.  What do you want from your life?  A lot of people wish to be happy.  But what is it that makes you truly happy??  I decided to write this post as I was talking to a client this week and they mentioned they had been struggling to sleep with stuff flying around in their head and generally feeling overwhelmed and stressed.  In today’s hectic life this is very common.  I myself have experienced periods when I feel overwhelmed by life and feel out of control of my own destiny.  It is at these points I sit back and simplify my life.  What is really important and what is it that makes me happy? 

Spending time with my wife, family and friends, physically working out and sitting down to some quiet time on my own and brainstorming with a pen and paper and something hot to drink, all factor in my perfect day.  I find my mind clears when I move physically and everything becomes clear and life settles down to my pace again.  Everyone is different but the point I make is you are the driver of the bus, you determine which road you take and if you happen to take the wrong exit occasionally, its perfectly fine to hit the breaks and turn around!! When I hit the breaks…I strap the family on board and get in some physical activity, clear my head before deciding which direction I want to go!!

 Let me know what your perfect day entails?  Email me at or leave a post on Facebook



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