Article By Gary Robertson - Director of Personal Training | posted 11.01.13

January at Skye Fitness

‚ÄčIt has been a great start to 2013 at Skye!  Everyone has come back with fire in their belly ready to achieve their individual fitness targets.  As I have said before..."life targets and fitness targets go hand in hand".  You will have a better quality of life with regular workouts included!!  So it's great to see so many full of enthusiasm for a fit and healthy 2013.  I have already advised some of my clients to divide their target up into mini goals and set in place a path to achieve their long-term goal.  I would encourage you all to do the same...step by step...brick by get the idea..!

Ok so what's new and what's happening at Skye in 2013....?

Just into January and already its Fat Loss that everyone is talking about!  Well look no further, everything you need to achieve your goal is here ready and waiting for you!  My advice to anyone looking to lose fat or reduce weight is to book in for a nutrition consultation or ask at reception about our nutrition journal. This has proven very successful with so many of our members with the average client losing 10-12lbs in 8 weeks including a reduction in body fat.  You cannot out train a bad diet!  I have also recently developed a 30 day fat loss program and 30 day Nutrition Plan which will allow people to see and feel physical changes in their bodies in a month.  Exciting and successful times ahead!

Everyone needs some help - whether you are a seasoned gym trainer or a absolute beginner, I would encourage everyone to be following a gym program reviewed every 4-6 weeks by one of our trainers.  If you haven't already booked in for your New year review BOOK IN NOW!

New Timetable- We successfully launched our new MET 25 class this week and it has proven a huge success.  If you are interested in losing fat this is the class for you.  25 minutes combining both anaerobic and strength training drills, creating EPOC (Excess Post-Oxygen Consumption) and elevating the metabolism.  What more fun could you have in 25 minutes?!?

Bodycombat 54 was released on Monday 7th January and we had a full class ripping it up to some great tunes!  If you have not tried Bodycombat, get booked in.  A combination of mixed martial arts choreographed to super music.  We have also included an additional Abdominal conditioning class on Monday's at 6.50pm and Total Body on a Monday morning at 10am.  Thursday morning saw the launch of another new innovation "IMPACT"!  Create impact in your life by getting involved on Thursday morning's at 9.30am, a functional workout performed on the gym floor with a trainer there to motivate and encourage you throughout.

BOOT-CAMP is back with a vengeance with the first kick-start meeting on Saturday 12th January at 8am!  Another fantastic 6 weeks of transformation!  It's going to be a great 6 weeks of positivity and results!  The latest Metabolic course starts on Saturday 19th January - an intense 8 week program broken up into 2 x 4 week phases.  Torch fat and increase your metabolism with post-workout benefits!  

NEW OPENING HOURS - Just because we know you can't get enough ofd us.....mmmm.....we've decided to join you for a few hours on a Sunday to brighten your day!!!  We understand Sunday can be a day of rest and relaxation but why not get in a great workout early and then go and enjoy the rest of your weekend!  Sunday does not have to be a cheat day, make it count!  Sound good??  You let us know - For the next 8 weeks we will open 09.00-12.00 every Sunday for a trial period.  

2012 was good....make 2013 even better!

Gary R

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