Article By Gary Robertson - Director of Personal Training | posted 08.06.13

It’s all about YOU!

Whilst I have been away on my trip to the Perform Better Summit I have had time to sit down and think things out, mostly because I'm waking up at 4.30am due to the time difference! I have been looking into why people don't enjoy gyms. Why people find it difficult to go through the door initially? Being totally honest, I think many people have a bad idea of what a gym is! This is not their fault; it's the image the fitness industry has portrayed itself to be over the last 15 years!

Here at Skye over the last few months, we have obtained some fantastic results with our members and along the way we have taken the time to listen to them, finding out what makes them tick! Why have they not been able to achieve their goals before now? This is where I believe the fitness industry gets kicked!

Big box gyms with lines and lines of cardio machines are dying! The idea of joining a gym and getting on a treadmill or a bike for 40 minutes is gone! Research shows that this is not the best way to get in shape and be your best. 

If you are still predominantly using cardio machines you need to speak to your trainer because you are not being effective with your time! Therefore, your trainer also needs to take a look at themselves!! All your doing is renting a treadmill, bike, x-trainer for £30 per month and getting nowhere fast!!  You need to find a facility that has a culture to improve their members lives by getting to know you and finding out what help and structure you need to achieve your goals. Quick tip, if you walk into a gym, sign up and have not had a consultation for at least 30-40 minutes about your goals…they don't really care about you!

Question: Have you ever had a proper consultation by a fitness professional?  The answer for many people is no!

Question: How then do you expect to get results?  The true answer is you won't!

Question: Does the trainers in your gym know your fitness goal?  No…Who's fault is that? The answer's the gym's fault. They obviously don't care, otherwise they would know!

Our clients get results because we sit down with them and get to know them. We want to help YOU be your best. We want to know your targets and your goals. That's why we do our jobs. We are people, people! Fitness has to be all about YOU! 

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