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Happy Father’s Day

​It’s my 1st Father’s Day and I am sitting in a hotel room at Logan International airport in Boston.  Not as I would have hoped!  I am missing both Jules and Max so much.  FaceTime is great but it’s not the same as being able to give Jules a hug and hold my little buddy!!  I should be getting ready to take off but my Aer Lingus flight to Dublin has been cancelled!  Ah well!  I may as well enjoy my night here and get some good rest.  It also gives me time to write and summarise the last week and put a few things down on paper.

It has been an amazing 6 days, like a whirlwind really!  I have been over at the Perform Better Summit in Providence learning from the very best in the fitness industry, and also managed to include a couple of meetings while here.  I had the most amazing experience yesterday when listening to Todd Durkin’s presentation on living an EXTRAORDINARY life!  The 90 minutes that Todd delivered was truly incredible.  The man’s passion and desire to help other people become their best is what coaching is all about!

I am super hyped and excited to get back to Skye Fitness to start helping people and coaching our members to become their best!  The presentation that Todd delivered yesterday was like an injection of passion, belief and desire to make a difference in peoples lives!  I left the room feeling like Rocky when he defeated that huge Russian guy!!  I just can’t wait to start using everything I have discovered and learned over the last few days. 

Up until the start of this year I was never a regular at church on a Sunday morning but when Max came along both Jules and I decided it was something we would like to do as a family.  The minister Rev. Jim Campbell called round one Friday afternoon to see Jules and I to chat about Max’s christening and when he left I felt uplifted and in control of my life and my family’s life.  He speaks with calmness and tonality that made everyone in the room at ease.  I am only speaking for myself but I believe that in our society today we have got things all mixed up, the wires are tangled.  I include myself in this to.  Due to the speed of life and the pressures we are under we have complicated what truly is important.


I go to church on a Sunday, life simplifies.  It’s the one time in the week when I completely clear my head and spend time with my family.  It is simply quiet time for me.  I don’t mean to offend anybody’s religious beliefs with this.  It’s simply how I feel.  It’s like hitting the reset button.  We go to church and then on to my mum and dad’s for a cuppa were I get to catch up with my sister Chontelle and her husband Alan who also go to our church.  They love to see Max too and with them both working through the week it can be hard to see the wee man.  This is my favourite part of the week.  Although my family are close and we always have been, it’s the one time in the week that we get together and catch up!  12 months ago I would have not felt the same but now I feel different.  I see things differently.  It is probably because I am getting on a little or perhaps it’s Max!!  I don’t know but it feels good!


I guess what I am trying to say is that my life can be hectic at times.  It can be stressful and occasionally feel out of control and that things are moving without me.  I am sure we all at points feel like this.  However, the last 6 months have seen me slow down a little and take a little bit more time out for myself.  I feel as if I am now starting to feel the benefits.  Something as simple as going home early on a Wednesday and coming into work a little later on a Thursday and finishing at 12 on a Friday is now starting to pay off!!  Please don’t think I am only in for a few hours as I start at 6am every morning!!!  I love my job and what I do so much that sometimes I get caught up in the gym and take my eye off other parts of my life.  What I mean by this is Jules, Max and the rest of my close family.  My family mean the world to me and without them I would have nothing including Skye Fitness as they all helped me to get it started and still continue to be there for me.  My reasons for writing this are simply that I want to help others who are perhaps feeling a little out of control in their own lives and are not heading in the direction they would like.  You too can hit the brakes!!  This could be in your personal life, perhaps work life or a combination.  I have goals in life that I must continue to move towards but occasionally you can take a wrong turn. I took that wrong turn but now I am back heading in the right direction!


Whether I would have put all this down on paper or not before.. I don’t know!  Perhaps it was listening to Todd yesterday.  I am not sure but I know that as I write this it comes very easily!  I am speaking from within and trying to emotionally touch others so that they to can hit the reset button.  You are the only person who can create change in your life!


Todd spoke yesterday about doing an

exercise by listing the 5 things in your life that move your sole?

Below is my 5.  This is in no particular order.  Do it!


Leading others to be better

Training/coaching people




Above are the things in my life that I have most passion for.


These are now saved on my desktop as a reminder of what is important to me.  


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