Article By Gary Robertson | posted 11.11.12

Fired up and ready to finish off 2012!

​Just home after 7days in the sun... It was great getting away and chilling out.  I'll be honest I would say jet-skiing was as active as the week got but I needed it.  So I'm back and ready to finish the year with a bang! Before I left we celebrated our 5th birthday at Skye and it was a great success and once again I thank all our members and friends who attended our party.  The last few months have seen some great results at Skye, many clients have seen impressive physical changes in both their weight and also their body fat.  From speaking to our clients on the floor i can see that it is inspiring others to achieve their own fitness target.  So I say let's finish off 2012 in style and be in great shape for new year ready to rock 2013!!  Ps. Big thanks to all the Skye team who worked hard to maintain the high standard our members deserve over the last 2 weeks.

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