Article By Gary Robertson, Director of Personal Training | posted 17.10.13


​Hi guys, I hope you are all focused on getting into great shape for Christmas?? There is something about holiday times that just gets you going in the gym!  The following information should give you that extra motivation you need to get ripped into your training over the next 2 months.  I recently concluded my research project into how different modes of training affect your metabolic rate post workout. 

In my initial research I tested a 45min run on a treadmill (steady state) against a 22min Hurricane (22 minutes of High Intensity Interval training).  Results were very interesting in that over the 12-hour period post-workout I monitored my participant’s heart rate and calorie expenditure, the Hurricane (22 min) actually burnt more calories over the 12-hour period than the 45-minute run for all participants!!  Hence proving that Interval training is much more time effective and superior for fat loss than steady state cardio work.

To research this further I wanted to take a look at the effect that 22 minutes of strength training would have on your metabolic rate when combined with 22 minutes of the Hurricane (22min HIIT), total workout time 44 minutes..… Believe it or not the 22-minute Hurricane still out performed, the 45 min run and the 44-minute strength plus Hurricane session.  To put these findings in simple terms, if your goal is fat loss the hurricane proved by training at a high intensity for 22 minutes the body will expend more calories than working out for twice that doing steady state cardiovascular work!  So the next time you hit the gym…think quality, not quantity!!

I am constantly looking at ways to improve our already successful program design/large group class structure and this research provides vital information as we continue to provide the latest and best information on shedding fat!!! 

Huge thanks to all who helped in my research project, shout out to the two Stephens’s, Jacqui, Estelle and Kinga.

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