Article By Gary Robertson, Director of Personal Training | posted 16.04.13

Fat Loss Presentation

​What is your passion???  I know that my passion is in transforming people’s lives.  I love helping clients to become their best and improve all aspects of their life!  That's how I see my job. As a trainer and coach I have been reading, studying and attending courses for the last 13 years...I know...I hear you... I don't look that old!!!  Over the past 7 years I have studied extensively into the most effective ways for clients to lose fat FAST!!  So when I presented "The Truth About Fat Loss" last week at Skye...I was going to be totally honest and to the point!! All who attended would have clearly seen my true passion!  Common goals I hear from clients are the desire to maintain their weight but reduce their body fat, or perhaps even increase weight and reduce body fat.  More often, when people think fat loss, they think weight loss...but there is much more to it than that!  Fat loss is something that everyone at some point in their lives will want to achieve. In the presentation I spoke about mindset, goal setting, nutrition/supplementation, training and recovery!!  For those of you who were unable to attend the presentation please click video link below for brief summary...keep your eyes open for further presentations at Skye Fitness...

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