Article By Gary Robertson, Owner and Director of Personal Training | posted 14.03.13

Easter Training Camp

​Ditch the Easter eggs this year and "train like an athlete" over the holidays.  This is the perfect opportunity for anyone wishing to increase strength, increase conditioning, decrease fat, improve the core and increase your energy and vitality.  The program includes a 4-day nutrition plan, essential to you achieving great results.  This will be emailed directly to all clients before Easter allowing you time to stock up on great food and get prepared for kick off!  The training sessions will be packed with energy and lots of fun but most of all, results based training methods.  You will train, eat and live like an athlete for the 4 days and love every minute of it.  There is a reason professional athletes perform the way they do; they train the right way!  Without a doubt you will build core strength and endurance, develop agility and flexibility and generally improve your overall fitness.  You will come out of Easter feeling amazing!  This is available to all levels of fitness and i encourage you to snap up the opportunity to discover how to become the best version of you!

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