Article By Gary Robertson | posted 31.12.12

“Burn The Bird” 2012

In all my time in the fitness industry yesterday was probably the highlight for me! We had 51 of our members kicking the butt out of our "Burn The Bird" workout.  The atmosphere was electric throughout and all involved were buzzing!  The emotion you get from a group of people giving their all in a workout and helping each other through it is hard to explain.  A huge thank you to all our coaches, for doing a super job at continually motivating everyone through the workout!  As for our members, "you rocked it big time!"  My highlight was the leg matrix finish!  The adrenaline in the room was incredible at that point and the way we all helped each other through it demonstrated real team effort!  The exhilarated faces at the end, is definitely what fitness and training is all about.  I ask you to encourage your friends and family to get fit and enjoy life by training on a regular basis!  I take this opportunity to thank you all once again for giving your all and i wish everyone a healthy 2013!


P.S. Check out our new class MET 25, being launched in January 2013!!‚Äč

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