Article By Gary Robertson - Owner | posted 06.10.12

Body Combat 53 Release

​We launched Body Combat 53 on Monday 1st October.  It proved a great success with both our trainers and our members.  The studio was buzzing with excitement and everyone who attended was having a ball while getting a great workout at the same time!  It got me thinking of how many Body Combat releases I have now taught. My first release was Body Combat 18, I still remember some of the tracks– MC Hammer’s classic ‘You can’t touch this my favourite’!!

Body Combat 53 has lived up to expectations with some huge tunes and super choreography making participants feel inspired and lifted!! I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Skye Fitness for their continued hard work in learning the new choreography and maintaining the high levels of passion needed to teach Body Combat.  As a great team effort Chris, Wendy and I launched the release and I have to say it would not have been as successful without the enthusiasm of our dedicated members.

Release 53 has got a number of excellent tracks in it.  The lower body warm up track ‘Are you ready for this’ is a great track considering it’s part of the warm up and it really gets you in the right frame of mind forthe journey ahead.  Track 3 is also a great power-training track with great boxing moves and loads of energy.  Moreover, its quirky music lends well to interval training bouts, which is great for fat loss.  My personal favourite is the Muay Thai track ‘Blade’, great sounds and awesome but simple choreography allowing all participants to rip into their roundhouse knees!!

As a whole it is one of the shorter Body Combat releases at only 52minutes and 20seconds but it is jam packed with non-stop combinations.  Enjoy it!!

I thank all the members for their continued support and have no doubt that together we will master 53!!

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