Article By Gary Robertson Director Of Personal Training | posted 26.03.14

90 Down 262 To Go!

​Come this Monday 31st March we’re already ¼ of the way through 2014!! So it’s the perfect time to reflect on how you’re progressing with your goals and targets for the year!  How’s 2014 treating you?

I set myself goals in 3 different areas each year and have done for the last 3 years. Firstly I have a personal goal that could be physical/fitness or personal development. I also set a business goal and last but certainly not least I have a relationship/family goal. Personally, if I write these down I know that I will make them happen!  For me to succeed at anything I need to plan and also I need accountability! My accountability is telling my family about what I plan to do.  

No turning back then!!

It is the word accountability that will help many of you achieve your own personal goals.  Without accountability we have no desire or need to succeed.  When I think about accountability in relation to my work I immediately think of nutrition.  For you to achieve your fitness goals you must eat well and you MUST have accountability. That’s why we introduced the Skye Fitness Nutrition Journal.  By writing down what you have been eating and bringing it into a coach on a regular basis you are more likely to achieve great results.  This is accountability!!!

Back to how 2014 is treating you!  Stop making excuses, start now.  Don’t wait to 2015.  If you have fallen behind in your goals or perhaps you haven’t yet set a target, act now! You can do it. And we’re here to help you succeed.

If you would be interested in a consultation regarding nutrition or training don’t hesitate to get in touch.  The sooner you act, the sooner we can work together to make changes.


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