Article By Gary Robertson Director Of Personal Training | posted 09.10.12

5 Year Birthday Celebrations at Skye Fitness

5 years!!! Oh how time flies...! Skye Fitness opened its doors in October 2007 and I remember it like it was yesterday.  The day was Saturday, October 22nd and we held an open day for people to visit the brand new facility (which we had refurbished to within an inch of its life) and put on a few taster classes to let visitors see what they could expect as a member at Skye Fitness.  One of the things that pleases me most as I write this blog is recognising that many of those friendly faces through the door that very first day are still active members at Skye Fitness today...and their faces are still as friendly as fact we often consider us all like a big extended family.  My goal was always to make Skye Fitness a "3rd place" for members - somewhere they could relate to outside home and work and I can say with confidence this has been achieved.  To celebrate our 5th birthday we'd be delighted if you'd join us for drink, nibbles and celebrations on Thursday 25th October 7pm-9pm at the club for what we're sure will be a great evening.  I'd also encourage you to bring along all of those people who support you in your fitness quest, all the friends, partners and spouses that have seen you struggle, battle and succeed in your fitness journey.  The past 5 years have been a real journey for me personally - every year has seen growth and new opportunities for the business and I am extremely proud of how the club functions today.  We have a fantastic group of staff who continuously give their all, a fantastic network of clients who keep us on our toes and a very supportive maintenance master (Jackson) or dad as he prefers who keeps the whole place looking ship shape!  See you at the party!!  Gary R 

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