Article By Gary Robertson, Director of Personal Training | posted 01.08.13

5 Day Bootcamp Challenge

​Awesome week!  Our first ever 5 Day Bootcamp Challenge kicked off last week.  Members signed up to a 6am workout starting Monday 22nd July!! Congratulations to all who took part and completed a tough 5 days...

Our focus was to train our members like athletes and let them experience new innovative forms of training as well as some old school military inspired workouts!  Each workout was set out to develop core strength, endurance and power.  Many of our members were focusing on shifting some excess weight and body fat gained over the holiday period.  Needless to say mission accomplished! 

Training in a group provides accountability, camaraderie and results.  You will always push a little bit harder in a group.  People who on Monday didn't know each other end up motivating and helping each other through the week!  Overall it was a super week of training, thoroughly enjoyed by all who took part. 

I have said it before... Our members are the best!  Big thanks to you all from TEAM SKYE.

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