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Step Away From The Scales

Article 26

​Is your mood determined by the number you see on the scales? Do you weigh yourself once a week, twice a week or even daily?  When you return from holiday do you immediately jump on the scales to measure the ‘damage’?  Well you are not alone, however, by removing our reliance on the scales and focusing on other measurements we can have a healthier and happier outlook.

So what should we measure? Anything which is easy to record and directly relates to your goals.  If you want to drop a dress size, then your clothes are the best indicator.  If you want to lose inches from your waist, then waist measurements are the way to go.  Even how you feel when you wake up and when you go to bed is a better indicator than focusing on the scales.

Many of us want to lose body fat.  The number on the scales includes a lot more than just fat, for example muscle mass and body water.  Therefore a pound lost on the scales may not always mean a pound of fat, further emphasising why the scales should not be central to your fitness goals.

Your body is an incredible machine which with the right nutrition and regular exercise will regulate itself to its optimal level.  The better you eat and the smarter you train, the less you will need the scales and the healthier you will feel.

Skye Fitness member, Ceara is a terrific example of how much better you can feel by incorporating these tips.  Ceara was a textbook yo-yo dieter. She has attended every weight-loss club available, turned to meal replacements and still the number on the scales depressed her.  Ceara admits that she was stuck in a vicious cycle:  she felt she was doing really well, stepped on the scales to see a different number than desired, felt awful, which caused her to make poor food choices.  It got so bad that her husband dreaded the next weight loss idea she was going to come home with.

Now Ceara’s outlook is completely different.  She no longer weighs herself and has never been happier.  Her goals are focused upon how she feels in her clothes. Ceara works on eating healthier because of the benefits to her health.  Since abandoning the scales, She feels better, eats better, is healthier and happier.  Her husband no longer fears the next fad and according to Ceara their family life has never been better.

If you want to get out of the cycle of constant weigh-ins and want to feel better as a result, place your focus upon other goals.  If you need help you to set your health goals please mention it to me next time you are in the gym, contact me on 028 3835 1318 or send an e-mail to

Remember…. [In Megaphone voice]   STEP OFF THE SCALES.

Coach Brent

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