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Is The Gym For You?

Article 25

Do you look in the mirror and not like what you see? Are you feeling uncomfortable in your clothes? 

Yeah? What can you do about it? 

You can continue to eat what you like, when you like. Right? 

Wrong, that's were you can make the change.  

Ask yourself do you want to carry on feeling this way?  That "down in the dump" tired unhappy feeling?  Surely, you want to feel the way you deserve to, AMAZING. So, what is stopping you? Perhaps you are anxious that gyms are just for "Fit Freaks" with fancy sports gear....Rubbish! 

Exercise is for EVERYONE.  Everybody deserves to look good and feel great especially within themselves.  

I mention the above feeling because I have been there. I can totally relate to what you are going through, but guys I changed it.  Why wait for your breaking point?

Act now, let today be the day were you make the decision to become the NEW YOU


Follow these 5 simple steps to The New You

1.  Write down your goals don't just visualise them.  Thinking it over in your head will hold you back.....plan ahead!

2. Find your local gym, take your goals with you and talk to a fitness professional about what you want to achieve.

3. Prepare to challenge your body & mind, this can be an emotional process but very exciting! Remember to be proud you already have made your 1st steps to success. 

4. Watch yourself transform into that person you have been longing to be or the one that's been hiding away for too long.

5.  Start smiling again. Enjoy what you have become STRONGER ON THE INSIDE AND OUT!!!

I would personally like to congratulate you, if you can follow these steps and for taking that leap out of your comfort zone and overcoming those fears you might have.

Skye Fitness has changed my life. Can they help change yours??

Coach Nikki 

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