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Building Houses and Fat Loss

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Building Houses and Fat Loss

Article 30

​Building Houses and Fat Loss

I’m a personal trainer and building houses is definitely not my fortay, But when I sat down and thought about this, I got a link between it and fat loss. Building houses can be a long drawn out process just like someone starting on their fitness journey. Struggles, setbacks and doubts all get in the way when trying to reach your desired  goal. So let me begin…

First things first when building a house you need to have a plan: What would you like your house to look like? In this initial phase the specifications are detailed.  This is just the same as when setting goals for fat loss you want to set a long term target. This target will be one of the points that will allow you to feel happy within yourself. You want to set specific goals that are desired for you.  Just like the house you aren’t going to build a home that was designed for someone else! 

First Step in building a house is the planning permission, this is a vital starting point. Relating this to your fat loss are you allowing yourself permission to change your body? So many times I have seen people determined to make change but never go through with it. They make excuses, they say they don’t have the time, these are stumbling blocks which can be easily overcome. This involves stepping outside of your comfort zone  your body doesn’t want to change, so even the thought process of it starts to send panic buttons to prevent you from even starting. You need to be head strong and persevere if you want to lose fat. Think of number one, put yourself first and make time to train, make time to cook and seek professional advice if needed.

Once the site is ready  the most important part of any house is a solid foundation, its purpose is to provide stability and to be the base/core that holds the house for many years. When we apply this to your fat loss goal, your first 4 weeks are your foundation. In this period you should be gaining knowledge in your training; why you are doing certain exercises, why you are eating certain foods. All of these are finer details that are going to stand with you throughout your fat loss journey.  Once the foundation is built you start to see the changes being made, this is the exact same with your fitness/fat loss journey.Seeing changes like moving better, shifting a few pounds, sleeping better etc. motivates you to stick at it. It’s then about keeping going and keeping on track and moving in the right direction is where the next big change starts to come. 

Bigger changes to your future home start to happen as brick by brick, different areas start to come together and it starts to look something like a house. The construction is carried out and specifications are carried out exactly as the plan says so, commitments are being made and targets are being met by builders and everything is flowing great. If your fat loss journey is carried out according to plan, you are following your nutrition guidelines, hitting the gym regularly  then you will start to see yourself making giant strides and people will start to notice the losses you are making. In the same way people will notice a house being built. People admire a house and compliment the manufacture, just like people will congratulate your achievements on how well you are looking and how much weight you have lost. All down to the hard work in which you have put in by sticking to the plan you outlined at the start.

So far so good, but with building a house sometimes there can be bumps along the way, just like when  trying to lose weight/fat you can easily fall off the bandwagon or hit bumps along the way. Everything can be going well in a development but one let down from a builder/joiner/electrician can cause a major disruption in the houses development causing the work to come to a halt. Just like the fat loss results can start to slow. You don’t feel like exercising or you just fancy an extra take away at the weekend. This can cause a possible breakdown in the amount of times in which you attend the gym, in turn stopping any progress you re making. Even though the progress has stopped in both house building and fat loss, the foundations are still there and remain throughout so it’s up to either the future home owner to apply pressure to the builder/joiner/electrician to restart the building or their person on the fitness journey to motivate themselves and use the knowledge they have gained at the beginning to get back on track, and reach the target set at the start of their journey.  

Once the house is built all struggles are worth it as there is a house that belongs to you, through hard work and dedication. The same as reaching your fat loss goal, hitting that target weight/dress size, you should feel proud of what you achieved the efforts you put in and how far you have came. 

BUT when the house is completed as good as it looks, you don’t just stop and leave it. You need to maintain it, some houses may receive further enhancements down the line i.e. sunrooms, extensions etc. Relate this to your fitness journey, you get that final transformation and post achievements on social media. But unfortunately some people see this as their stop point and really this should only be the beginning. You have to continue looking after your body not returning to old habits and continuing the momentum and set yourself other challenges you can try to achieve. If you neglect the needs and maintenance of a house, it loses its value, the hard work put in becomes a distant memory and certain parts of the building may start to get affected. The person that embarked on the fitness journey is affected the same with neglect for their health as they become disillusioned after stopping and they start to feel worse in their clothes and in the way the feel and the way they look. 

Building houses isn’t just as easy as that, and getting the body you desire the most isn’t that easy either, I know that, but the similarities are there in the basics of how they structure and how the need continued. Take away from this simply:  Looking to start your journey or have any questions? Reach out to me and let’s start taking action.

  • Set a plan; be specific. (Long term)
  • Be prepared to work
  • Learn, become educated, seek help from a  Professional
  • Set small targets weekly/bi-weekly/monthly
  • Obstacles are expected, don’t let them overcome you
  • Be proud of your results
  • Your journey has no end point, keep striving for more. 

Coach Aaron

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